The World Conferences on Research Integrity provide a global forum for researchers, policy makers and research managers and administrators to share information and ideas for promoting integrity in research. They have produced many ideas for promoting integrity in research and some specific recommendations, such as the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (2010) and the Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross‐Boundary Research Collaborations (2013), developed as outcomes of the 2 nd and 3 rd World Conferences respectively.

As part of planning for the 5 th World Conference on Research Integrity we feel it is time to establish an agenda for assessing progress. The Amsterdam Agenda is intended as a first step in this direction.

We have set aside three sessions during the 5 th World Conference for interested participants to discuss and come up with an agenda (the Amsterdam Agenda) for assessing the effectiveness of what are seen as the most important ways to promote integrity in research. In preparation for these sessions, we are asking those with an interest in promoting integrity in research to complete a survey designed to elicit ideas.

The survey is organized around six key players in the research enterprise: Researchers, Research Institutions, Funding Agencies, Governments, Professional Associations, and Journals, understanding that there are some overlaps between each of these players.

It is composed of eight questions:

Question 1 asks you to rank the six players in perceived order of importance. Which do you feel could make the biggest difference, which the least difference?

Questions 2‐7 ask for your suggestions on the most important step each player could take to promote integrity in research and how this effort can be assessed. We are asking you to provide responses for two players most important players but you may provide responses for all six.

Question 8 provides an opportunity to remain involved in the Amsterdam Agenda after the Conference.

We will organize the responses to the survey into an agenda for discussion during the 5 th World Conference, with the goal of reaching agreement on an Amsterdam Agenda for assessing efforts to promote integrity in research at the end of the Conferences.

Click here to access and take the Amsterdam Agenda Survey